I don’t profess to have all the answers, but I can assure you from first-hand experience, that it’s possible to recover, no matter how hard you’ve fallen. Most successful people today, have failed and guess what brought them to where they are. A total change in approach. Tough, but most real.

We must now put the past to the side, accept failure and learn. What happened, happened and that is now water under the bridge. You’ve lost absolutely nothing, in actual fact, you’ve gained yourself some experience that will now help you moving forward.

What you have to now do, is to simply dissect and assess the world today, living with the present while brewing up a plan for the future, creating some sort of vision, based on today’s events. For example, you are not going to set up a combustion engine factory, knowing that the future of engines is all going to electric, battery etc.…or you not going to raise a large family, knowing that there are no jobs in the future. This point of view, plan whatever you may decide to do, makes sure that you apply it, both to business and matrimonial.

HERE ARE SOME POINTERS DIRECTING YOU ON YOUR NEW VENTURE.—if you feel that you need some sort of mentor to help, then do so, there is nothing wrong with that. That is being responsible.

  • SET YOUR SOUL A GOAL—decide on what you want in this world and how you are going to get it. Be ridiculous in your choices. Aim high! Because it’s not how high you can get, but how solid you build that foundation, as a platform for the sustenance of your journey to your destiny. It’s all about changing your approach, your way of thinking. Eventually, you’ll achieve anything and everything.
  • TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY—for what you do and don’t do, for what you say and don’t say. Stop blaming everyone and everything else for what goes wrong.
  • CREATE A ‘’PANDEMIC’’ OF LOVE— (LOVE) an abundance of communication, understanding, trust and respect, that must be prevalent, throughout, for you, all your peers and beyond. You have to love yourself before you can love others.
  • APPLY YOUR INTELLIGENCE—listen and think, but don’t overdo it, because overthinking can make you not take that leap. In other words, you become pessimistic and not adventurous. When you get home every day, take some time to reflect on the daily events. The good, the bad and the ugly. The bad and ugly, you disperse of them, innovating the good, moving forward, leading you to great things.
  • PRIORITIZE, ORGANIZE, BE PASSIONATE AND FOCUS—first things, first. Arrange all in order of importance. Coordinate, so that you may formulate some sort of united action. Put your heart and soul into it. Don’t ever remove your eyes from that focal point.

With these on board, I’ll have no doubt that your journey into that new venture, will be one free of doubt, ambiguity, apprehension, confusion, stress and boredom, because now you are 100% focused on that long term goal. Applying this formula, you’ll see that your family will benefit 100% from the new ambience created within the new environment.


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