Howzit guys! Trust that you are all coping with the “strain”. Just a few words to get you going.

Isolation is a breeding ground for rage and despair. People can survive individually, but they thrive better collectively. We might be physically distant from each other, but we must try to remain spiritually, emotionally and socially (media) connected, so that we maintain our sanity.

To cope in these tough times, we just have to be that little stronger than we were yesterday. Remember that the “PANDEMIC” chose us, we, of course, might not be at fault, but we have to certainly be responsible as citizens to try and overcome it.

It’s in these harsh times, that the ultimate measure of mankind, is not where we stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where we stand in these times of challenge and controversy.

Remember that there is no normal pain-free life, so don’t give up work on those short term goals, stay positive, by taking a day at a time, remembering that this is not a race and every little bit of progress goes a long way. The idea here is not to stop.

Under these circumstances, you must never forget that it’s not what lies behind or in front of us but yes, what lies within us.

You might not be in control of the world or the situation but you in command of your life, therefore it’s no use worrying. You are the only one that has to fit into the situation.

Don’t ever let circumstances rule your life it’s all about the decisions that you make that will make or break you.

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